About Us:

Lori North Marketing provides social media management to small business owners.

As a business owner you know the importance of having a social media presence. One of your biggest issues may be finding the time to focus on social media.And, it is just as important to find the right person to manage these networks.Your business will be able to see its online presence grow when you have the right social media manager.

Lori North Marketing works with every business to develop a customized approach for their networks. Every business will have a unique customer base and she will help you create engaging content to get your business social.

Why Use North Marketing?

  • You will have more time to focus on your business and do what you do best!
  • You won’t have the added expense of hiring and managing extra employees.
  • You will be able to expand your potential customer base quickly

About Lori North:

Lori North has over 20+ years of marketing experience and over 15+ years helping small business owners with marketing services.  She  understands what business owners need to do in order to build their brand. Lori has grown up in the small business world and she comes from a family of entrepreneurs that have helped instill the understanding of what business owners have to sacrifice in order to own their own business. This work ethic has inspired her passion to help business owners succeed.